Sunday, August 18, 2019

Gudgeon (Gobio gobio)

The Gudgeon resembles very much the Danube gudgeon, but the two barbels at the corners.of its mouth are much shorter and do not reach as far as the eyes. Also the.nape in this species is smooth and scaleless. It lives close to the bottom of all types of water. It breeds in May and June spawning in shallow waters on stones and plants. The young fry keep together in schools. It is indigenous to the whole of Europe with the exception of the Iberian peninsula, the southern parts of Italy (although it frequents the watershed of the Po), Greece, Norway, northern Sweden, Finland and Scotland. It is a favourite bait used by anglers for catching predatory fish.

Maximum size and weight: 20 cm, 100 g.

Identifying characteristics: Barbels relatively short, nape scaleless.

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