Sunday, August 2, 2009

Introduction to Goldfish

Goldfish and carp belong to similar species, with the same scientific name (Carassius auratus). Goldfish which is also known as the "golden carp," evolved from the carp ornamental fish. Many varieties of goldfish can be found with different colors such as red, orange, purple, blue, silver and they are truly unique!

Goldfish was believed to have originated from China and ever since the 12th century it is subjected to genetic research and after a long period of cultivation, numerous varieties were created. The goldfish is now spread throughout every country in the world.

It was believed that the fish is domesticated as early as the Sung Dynasty. During those days, wild goldfish found in rivers originally exist in green brown or gray body. Today, after centuries of selective breeding this has created in more than 125 varieties of goldfish. According to a Japanese scholar named Matsui, the first record of Chinese bred goldfish started appearing in Japan around the year 1502. Goldfish were then brought to as far as the United Kingdom during the 17 century and after than it spread to the United States in 1874.

Care and Feeding
Goldfish are omnivorous meaning that it will eat both plants and small animals for food. Other hobbyist even offer varieties including smaller crustaceans, while some even use larvae of mosquitoes, cereals and other foods as a supplementary diet for their pets. Spring and summer is the best time when goldfish will lay their eggs. During this delicate period, the females will become brightly colored with the abdominal region becoming enlarged. Once the eggs are released with presence of male goldfish, which will released their sperm at the same time, the eggs will attach to aquatic plants and in about a week, it should hatch. Goldfish are known to live more than 25 years.

Why Goldfish is popular
Goldfish is said to be living work of art, which is why people love. According to historical and modern records, the relationship between the fish and human are very close.

The Science behind the magnificent color
According to scientific studies, the color of Goldfish is mainly due to presence of pigmented cells in the dermis layer. The color of a goldfish is contributed by distribution of black, orange yellow and light blue pigment cells and different color which you can see with goldfish is due to the re-arrangement, intensity, density, or either presence of lacking of either one of the components.

Discoloration and maybe change of color is mainly affected by the nervous system and health of the endocrine system, thus, when the fish is injured, sick or when the water quality deteriorate, the fish body color will start to become dull.

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